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Africa’s partner for procurement and supply chain solutions

Mines, quarries, oil and gas facilities, construction projects, plantations or even breweries… Much as though these are very distinct sectors, they all have one common ground: they are settled on the African continent and are all faced with supply chain challenges on a daily basis, having to guarantee  supply to remote, often difficult-to-access sites under trying conditions.

And that’s what we do: we source, buy, move, store, clear, ship and even fulfill on site, bringing the world at your doorstep . And this, for over 35 years.

Flexibility of a light structure

38 Years Experience

End to End Services

Over 35 years experience

CTA Group planted its roots in Africa in 1980. Addressing firstly the needs of the mining industry, organically extending its services over time to engineering projects, gas and oil extraction, to plantations and finally breweries. A genuine sense of home and intimacy was established with the continent of Africa, parallel to a fine technical understanding of the needs of our customers.

Unique experience of sourcing

CTA Group is located at just under 200 kms away from about 60% of Europe’s purchasing power, at the heart of a region boasting the presence of countless renowned, key-supplier multinationals.

We  can draw from a rich network of suppliers allowing us to adequately and quickly respond to our customers’  requests.  And if the impossible needs to be done, nothing is too much of a challenge. We can explore the world to address your needs.

Trust, Transparency

We assume responsibility for buying and supplying critical material for and to you, often for important amounts. This is why we proactively communicate the status of your running orders.

Being a client of ours means also expecting consistency in the quality of the service delivered: our ISO 9001 certificate attests to the fact that we put quality in everything we do, and that we are even committed to continuous improvement.

Your Purchases simplified

From receiving the order until delivering the goods, our processes are directed towards attaining maximal satisfaction from our customers and optimizing their operations in terms of delays, quality and prices. You will treat with a dedicated partner who will guaranty flawless proceedings from beginning to end, as our internal services and suppliers are at your command.

Global supply solutions

Procure, clear, move, store, fulfill: from the world to your site, up to inventory management, we can do it for you, as we cover the whole spectrum of the supply chain provisioning.

Operating from a European hub with global reach, we can also rely on logistics professionals on the African field to guarantee supply up to any site.

Your parcels arrive in mint condition, tidy packaged and on time: just ask, we take care for the rest.

Costs are under control

All charges, rebates and discounts are transparently included in our price offer. You will know what you order and how much you will be billed. Your budget remains under control.

For our regular clientele, we provide flexible financial solutions that will prevent a rupture of stock, indispensable to any operation. This is the way partners work together.


Sourcing & Procurement

Sourcing & Procurement

Adequately and quickly respond to the requests of our customers: get the best buy

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Warehousing & Packaging

Warehousing & Packaging

Manage inbound logistics, Optimize storing, Assure conformity of deliveries, Tidy Package

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Logistics solutions & services

Logistics solutions & services

Groupage consolidations, Freight forwarding, Customs clearing, Inspections

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Inventory management

Inventory management

Strategic procurement and consignement stock management (depending on the countries)

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Hours Max Response Time


Happy Customers


Suppliers in portfolio


Countries covered


Flexibility and Agility

Flexibility and Agility

Light and nimble in the footsteps of giant: agility and flexibility are the trump cards of our organization. They reflect in timeliness, accuracy and cost structure

Global reach

Global reach

From one of the best hubs in the world, goods are made ready for transit and expedition wherever, in the shortest time-frame, whether by sea or by air

A unique sourcing experience

A unique sourcing experience

OEM, after market or custom-made solutions to match your needs within the fastest time paces: we strive to address your every need

Passionate & dedicated team

Passionate & dedicated team

Being a client of ours means that you are served by a dedicated staff member who properly understands your needs and constraints and feels accountable for you

Since 1980, giants in African mining, civil engineering, oil & gas, plantations  have put their trust in CTA Group for the provisioning of their supply chain

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