CTA GROUP exclusive distributor of Bisley workwear for West and Central Africa

In partnership with Stealth Global Industries, CTA Group proudly announces becoming the sole distributor of Bisley Workwear into West and Central Africa.

Since the 1950’s, the Bisley brand has been regarded as one of Australasia’s most trustworthy, solid and honest. Bisley prides itself on old fashioned values like quality, value for money and exceptional service. These values combine with the very latest in innovative technologies deliver the very best.

In recognition of global safety standards and requirements, Bisley Workwear has developed and sourced a range of protective fabrics and treatments that protect workers across a broad range of hazardous environments.

Whether the risk is from heat and flame, insect transmitted diseases, climate or work site specific, there is a safety solution for all situations. From a single line of defence to multiple treatments on one garment, worker health and safety is the paramount concern.

Bisley has been shaping the Australian workwear clothing industry since the 1950s, with old-fashioned ideals like quality, exceptional service and value for money. Bisley presents itselfs as “a big company with a history built on small company values”. Could there be better partner than an SME like CTA Group to partner up with this market leader ?

As of now, customers who wish to purchase Bisley products will be proudly managed and serviced by CTA Group in the said markets.


A wide product range for the big works

Flame resistant

Protective wear
Heat protection
Insect protection


How to buy?

  1. Check the Stealth Global catalogue for Bisley  :         clic the text to access it
  2. Let CTA Group service you Contact your usual CTA ‘s account manager or send your request to sales@ctagroup.eu