Five reasons why you can’t live without mining

What do you think you need to get cars, phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, watches,… running? Where do jewels come from? How are the vegetable you buy at the supermarket fertilized? What is the pavement you walk on made of? How is energy conducted to your home or to your office? In every aspect of your life, the mining sector plays a role. As old as the civilization, mining can be considered in a way its alpha and omega. Here are 5 reasons you can’t live without mining.

1. You

The majority of beauty products contain minerals like iron, talc, bismuth, zinc, silica. Fertilizers used to produce the food we eat contains minerals such as phosphate, sulfur, cadmium and phosphorous that are by-products of mining. Jewelry, watches and mobile electronic devices mobile use gold, silver, platinum, cadmium, quartz, alloys, precious stones. Medical equipment require a very wide range of minerals. All these are sourced through mining.

2. Your Home

From the basement to the roof, a large deal of your home is mineral or mining by-product: concrete for the foundation, zinc for the roof, copper for conducting water, gas and electricity. Not to speak of all devices using rare earths, such as the today’s televisions?  Even the kitchenware, plates, cups, glasses and cutlery use these items that are made of minerals.

3. Your Transport

Whatever the mode you chose for, you are relying on the by-products of mining for your transportation. Not only to manufacture the vehicles, but also to build the roads or the tracks they use. And even if you choose for being a pedestrian, it’s the mining sector that provides you with fundamental elements of the pavement.

4. Your Work

The same applies at your work as at your home, obviously: building, energy and water conduction, office equipment… all contain minerals. It is so trivial that we forget it.

5. Your Energy

No need to say that our modern lives are depending on energy. Nothing is possible without electricity. Again, that electricity needs raw fuels to be produced: coal, gas, oil or uranium which availability is made only possible by mining.

(source: Russell Taylor,