Our philosophy

Drawing the best out of both continents, we define ourselves as a EurAfrican Group, whose mission is to provide seamless customized services to the customers, benefitting from a big network of suppliers in Europe and the world, and leveraging on African partners for logistic solutions.

11 languages spoken

French, English and Dutch, Arabic, Lingala, Wolof, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese or even Polish are the languages spoken at CTA group. An asset in the globalized world we source through.


Africa belongs to the DNA of our company.  It shapes our mission, it colours the daily contacts we have and it gives to the working atmosphere a unique warmth. Visiting customers on the African field is a privilege that our collaborators  jealously treasure.

Continuous improvement

Because expertise is never granted for ever, our staff is encouraged to keep its skills and knowledge up-to-date on a permanent basis. A training plan addresses processes or individual needs in order to maintain the highest quality level for the services to our customers.