Our Services

Simplify your purchases, rationalize your operations and bring the world to your doorstep: a rich palette of integrated services to support every aspect of your supply chain provisioning.


Your Purchases simplified

From receiving the order until delivering the goods, our processes are directed towards attaining maximal satisfaction from our customers and optimizing their operations in terms of delays, quality and prices.

Your requests will be treated by a dedicated account manager who will guarantee flawless proceedings from beginning to end. He or she will be your interlocutor along the whole process.

This account manager is appointed in function of specificities of the customer and -or the country where he operates.

A unique experience of Sourcing in Europe... and beyond

CTA Group is located at just under 200 kms away from 60% of Europe’s purchasing power, at the heart of a region boasting the presence of countless renowned, key-supplier multinationals.  After 35 years of activity, CTA GROUP can draw from a rich network of suppliers allowing it to adequately and quickly respond to its customers’ wishes.

And if the impossible needs to be done, nothing is too much of a challenge. Sourcing is much more than a second nature to us: it’s the essence itself of the job we take pride in.

 At regular intervals, our suppliers are subjected to an evaluation that includes, amongst other things, a review of the quality of their products, the delay of their deliveries and how their rates are received on the market.

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Storing, Packaging and Sending with care

CTA Group disposes of its own warehouse to receive goods, where they will be carefully inspected before being prepped for final delivery. Inspection at arrival, inspection before departure: nothing escapes the vigilant eye of our proficient staff.

Our storekeepers are reputed for the quality of their packaging, as these are hand-made before every dispatch. True craftsmanship, perfect for goods that have to reach their destinations in mint condition, whatever the terrain may be!

Groupage Services, Freight forwarding, Logistics Solutions

Freight negotiations, local and international logistics, simplified formalities, inspections,…: CTA Group’s logistic expertise equally warrants an efficiency in documentation and administration: declarations, inspections or custom formalities will trouble you no longer.

 Our shipping team manages all these complex aspects that guarantee a safe, flawless and compliant delivery of your purchases. Disposing of our own forwarding company ensures eventually  that no aspect escapes from our vigilance and sets time on our side at the moment of sending your goods. Situated next to the port of Antwerp and the international airport of Brussels, CTA Group can present goods at carrier, ready for transit and subsequent expedition to any destination in the world in the shortest possible time-frame, whether by sea or by air.


Inventory management

Depending on your country, we can develop solutions with you to reduce your inventories, to set up a consigned stock or a door-to-door delivery. You may focus on your jobs, we will handle the rest!