Welding products ABRACOR : CTA Group gets the card for whole Africa

With an experience of over 90 years, ABRACOR produces welding products for specific mining applications, among others: welding chain links, reloading bucket teeth, sprockets, car wheels and tracks. The flexibility and ease of use of ABRACOR products make it a solution of choice for the mining sector. The wide range of electrodes provided for maintenance and repair can solve all the problems of a workshop or a worksite. Extreme resistance to heavy impacts, high pressures and violent abrasion are major assets of ABRACOR products.

In addition, ABRACOR pays special attention to the packaging of its electrodes and wires, this to enable products to arrive on site in perfect working order. A flagship of the range, the basic B56 VAC electrode, has a vacuum packaging that allows the direct use of electrodes by the welder without prior drying. This ensures a considerable time saving.

On request, ABRACOR provides technical support on site.

CTA Group is now official dealer of ABRACOR products for Africa. Prices per kg and diameter available on request at sales@ctagroup.eu