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    – Reporting to the Technical director (Service Manager), the Workshop Manager is responsible for the preventive and curative maintenance of the trucks and other authorized machines, just as much as he answers assigned availability and costs associated to the activity.


    – Make the preventive maintenance of the DAF vehicle fleet and trucks of CTA Senegal’s customers. Assure maintenance of other equipment, whenever decided by the top management.
    – Being able to repair in and outside the workshop.
    – Register the activity of the Workshop in frame of control of the costs, the high availability and the rate of acceptable breakdowns by the end users
    – Lead a continuous improvement approach of the activity of the Workshop. Lean this approach in the directives and the objectives QHSE.
    – Implement a management that unveils creativity and motivates for the staff.


    – Develop and promote the preventive and predictive maintenance.
    – Assure the performing of preventive maintenance according to the schedules.
    – Follow the quality of works made in and outside the workshop by his teams
    – Set up and manage an anti-breakdown disposal (avoid the repetitiveness of the breakdowns; Guarantee the quality of the service operations; Efficiency in the process of sorting out  the breakdowns)
    – Manage the good use, the cleanliness of equipments during the works conducted by his teams.
    – Make sure that these equipments and tools comply with safety regulations
    – Make sure of the cleanliness of the  maintained machines ; Tidy up  working areas at the end of maintenance operations and repairs
    – More generally, hold the Workshop and its dependences in perfect condition of cleanliness and tidied up. The zones of traffic must be held cleared and those of work fitted out in order to  guarantee a good productivity and a safety
    – Make sure that trucks and other maintained materials are used in agreement with the recommendations of the manufacturer.
    – Person in charge of the holding, the classification and of the archiving of the technical information (technical manuals,) of his workshop.
    – Monitor and address the problems of non-compliance if any
    – Manage and address customer claims to ensure their fast outcomes
    – Define the tasks and the key responsibilities of his staff.
    – Organize, manage the maintenance and repair teams in a way that ensure a maximal productivity and a great safety.
    – Assess the productivity and the quality of the interventions carried out by his teams.
    – Create a motivational working environment based on relevant and representative KPI’s.
    – Develop a style directed by the obsession of breakdowns (guaranties the quality of the work, the inspections strictly declined, the speed of corrective actions,).
    – Assure the in-service training of the maintenance staff.
    – Enforce the strict follow-up of the current directives QHSE in the Group.
    – Ensure of the good behavior of the staff placed under its responsibility.
    – Verify and validate the tally sheets of the staff, established by the team leaders
    – Organize and manage the meetings that are necessary for the efficiency of his teams. Hold his staff informed about the results of the availability, about trends of quality and performance indicators
    – Define spare parts needs (min, max), components, and other supplies entering the ranges of maintenance. On the subject, set up a formal communication system with DAF Parts Management.
    – Participate actively in the Quality Control program meetings.
    – Lead safety  meetings safety in  the Workshop
    – Ensure the application of the Quality Control Program’s directives and the procedures.
    – Ensure the application of any corrective actions resulting for audits conducted by the Group’s Quality control department.
    – Follow up the implementation of corrective actions recommended by analyses further to an incident.
    – Make sure the staff knows and applies all the safety regulations
    – Monitor the quality state of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) and ensure that the staff comply to their wearing.
    – Draft and pass on to the Service Manager the necessary reports – in the format, content and periodicities previously set and the follow-up of the activity.
    – Manage in-house communication channels and more especially with the Customers.
    – Communicate the critical maintenance issues to the Customers and keep them informed about the ongoing resolution.
    – Warn the customer of the operational dangers and the practices that doesn’t comply with the standards if any. Inform the Service Manager formally if it has an impact on maintenance costs and on quality standards observance. Avoid the excessive commitment with the Customers
    – Prohibit himself from communicating sensitive information. Subjects them to the Service Manager for useful decision.
    – More generally, manage his communication in the frame and pattern set up for him. Refrain to discuss professional problems outside the frame which is fixed to him.
    – Communicate regularly with all the stakeholders; Participate in and contribute to meetings in a positive way
    – Report regularly to the Service Manager.
    – Report immediately, any situation with possibly severe consequences to the Service Manager or to General Manager (if the Service Manager is not reachable).

If you are interested in this position and our mission, please send your CV and cover letter to jobs@ctagroup.eu