Morgan Furnace

Morgan Advanced Materials has been recognized for more than a century and half in crucibles and foundry products. The Molten Metal Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials is recognized as a technology leader, providing crucibles and engineered consumables for the metals industry.

Known for its extensive line of crucible shapes and sizes, Morgan is able to manufacture products that use carefully selected materials designed to precisely match the characteristics and operational performance to each customer’s metal melting, holding or transfer application. In addition Morgans crucibles are supported by a broad range of other engineered ceramic products designed to make metal casting operations more productive.

Manufactured from a wide range of high quality raw materials using advanced technologies, crucibles are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes, for optimum performance in individual applications.

The quality of Magnesite cupels are optimal for the absorption of lead buttons. Benefitting from consistent lead absorption with low and consistent silver losses, the cupels are excellent for the cupellation process. The wide range of cupels are from as low as 7mm up to 44mm with the ability to absorb a maximum of 75 grams of lead.