We are CTA

Our mission

CTA Group has one mission: to fulfil all your needs and expectations, wherever you are located, whatever you may need. It is no coincidence that we are considered as one of the leaders in our field: we hold our promises, we meet our deadlines and we aim to maintain long-term business relations with our customers and partners. Our 40 years of experience and expertise have enabled us to consolidate our know-how to provide you with the highest standards.

Our Values

At CTA Group, we strongly focus on our corporate values. We believe that our values help us to remember who we are and what we are looking for : be flexible, respect our commitments, ensure a local presence and be close to our customers and partners, and last but not least, focus on diversification of our products and service, anywhere in Africa.

Our values


1. Flexibility

Our team is ready to provide you with the highest level of flexibility. You have your deadlines and constraints, we are your reliable partner ready to make your life easier and bring you tailored solutions.

Respect of commitments

2. Respect of commitments

What is your secret in maintaining long-term relations with our clients and partners? Holding your promises. Achieving our objectives through sound methodology and organisation. This is our motto, designed to keep you a happy client.

Local presence & proximity

3. Local presence & proximity

CTA Group is a global company: we benefit from our facilities in Belgium but we also ensure that our customers have local contacts via our african network.


4. Diversification

Do you have specific needs and expectations? We will advise you with the best solution, either via our Distribution network, our Service department or our Trading department. Don’t waste time, we have the solutions and services you need.

Mining, Transformation Plans; Oil & Gas, and much more

5. Mining, Transformation Plans; Oil & Gas, and much more

At CTA Group, we have forged long-term business relations with many types of companies: mining sites, processing plants, refineries, energy, oil and gas and many more. Rest assured, we can help you with the right solutions.