Quard© and Quend©

As you may have read in our previous edition, we have recently started working with NLMK Clabecq. This plant, which is part of NLMK Europe’s Plate business unit, specialises in heavy plates and bars. Like the other companies of the the NLMK group, Clabecq benefits from the operating model based on the transformation of steel slabs (from the parent company) into high added-value products.

NLMK Clabecq, located in Ittre (Belgium) is specialized in thin heavy plates. The plant offers a product that is known for its high-quality surface appearance, flatness and narrow thickness tolerance. This is the result of a high level of expertise combined with a unique production process, including on the same line, the reversible quarto train and the finishing train with four independent cages. Thanks to significant investments in heat treatment, including an accelerated cooling system and a quenching and tempering line, NLMK Clabecq is a key player in the niche markets of abrasion-resistant and high yield strength steels. These NLMK Clabecq Hardened and Tempered (Q&T) steel plates are manufactured using the latest technological developments. NLMK Clabecq special steels are available in a thickness range from 3.2 to 64 mm.

Quard©, abrasion resistant steel which is available up to 550 HB hardness, is designed to retain its wear properties in applications such as earthmoving, construction, mining, extraction and recycling. The durability of Quard© products makes them the ideal choice for heavy machinery used under harsh conditions. The Quend© product range consists of steels with high yield strength, up to 1100 MPa, designed for machines that must ensure high lifting or transport capacity while remaining lightweight.

Increased productivity thanks to superior machinability
To increase performance when it comes to professionally processed steel, Quard© and Quend© must be among your first choices. They make it possible to optimize the steel processing steps while constantly guaranteeing high quality results. At each stage of the transformation, you benefit from superior machinability:

o Cutting: Allowing high precision, whatever the technique used (laser, plasma, etc.)
o Bending: Narrowing the bending radius for improved performance
o Welding: Easily achieving impeccable results without compromising the high mechanical properties of the plates
o Machining: Perfection of milling, drilling, chamfering,…

If you want to calculate the optimal parameters for your operations on Quard© and Quend©, download the Q Calculator application!

For more information contact your distributor: ossama@ctagroup.eu or visit https://qt.nlmk.com/en/