The key dates of CTA Group

– 1980s: Creation of CTA Group by a Belgian entrepreneur, who started working with various embassies in Africa and then quickly forged links with a large mining client in Mali.

– 1990s: Business development quickly took off with the growth of commercial relations with customers from the mining industry in Africa.

– Development and growing numbers of contracts in West and Central Africa.

– 2014: CTA joins the CSTT-AO group and launches its new strategy focused on 3 main pillars: Distribution, Trading and Service/Solution Provider.

– 2015: Creation of CTA Burkina Faso.

– 2016: Creation of CTA Senegal and start of partnership with SIEMENS.

– 2018: Partnership with FLENDER and DAF set up.

– 2019: Implementation of the partnership with SKF and creation of the DAF Centre in Senegal (Dakar)

– Partnership with Akkim (SMBS) & NLMK for Quard & Quend products

– In progress: Creation of CTA Guinea and CTA Mali.