Copper Sulfate: Partnership with Inmatrade

In order to offer a better service to our customers, CTA Group has signed an agreement with Inmatrade for the distribution of copper sulphate in West Africa.

Inmatrade is an international supplier of chemicals and raw materials.

Our agreement covers copper sulphate produced in the plant in Turkey.

In order to establish the distribution and fast delivery of this product, we have created stock in Dakar.

In the mining industry: it is used in the Inco SO2/air detoxification circuit to convert cyanide into cyanate, which is less toxic and is still discharged into a tailings pond.

Typically, compressed air is blown through the tailings during the addition of sodium meta bisulphite which releases SO2. Copper sulphate is added as a catalyst if there is not enough copper in the mineral extract. This process allows to reduce the acid concentrations.

Copper sulphate is also used as an activator in the flotation of base metal sulphides because it promotes the interaction of collector molecules with mineral surfaces.