Simotics SD engines

Among SIEMENS’ wide range of low-voltage motors, the standard SIMOTICS SD (Service Duty) series benefits users by:

  • Innovative rotors that meet the requirements for high efficiency motors
  • IE2, IE3, IE4 (IEC) and NEE and NNE (NEMA) efficiencies that are offering considerable energy savings and a proven protection of our environment
  • robustness, reliability and long service life make it the first choice for demanding applications in harsh operating conditions and environments (Simotics SD 1LE1, cast iron body)
  • a power range from 0.09 to 200 kW, at commonly used voltages
  • a speed range of 750 to 3600 rpm.
  • shaft heights from 71 to 315 mm

Note that Siemens has also developed three SIMOTICS variants (SD, SD Add and SD Pro), ready to digitize and combining higher performance, efficiency and flexibility (

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