Test our Quard © 450: the anti abrasion solution

As you know, we have been collaborating for a few months with NLMK Clabecq. This factory, which is part of the NLMK Europe ‘Plate’ business unit, specialised in heavy plates and ingots. Like the other companies in the NLMK group, it took advantage of the operating model based on the transformation of steel executives (from the parent company) into products with high added value.

Quard ©, abrasion resistant steel, is available up to a hardness of 550 HB and is designed to keep its properties in the face of wear in applications; suitable for earthmoving, construction, mining, and recycling. The durability of Quard © products makes it the ideal choice for heavy machinery used in harsh conditions.

Accumulated productivity thanks to superior machinability

At each stage of the transformation, you benefit from superior machinability:

  • Cutting: Allows great precision, whatever the technique used (laser, plasma, etc.)
  • Folding: Narrow folding radius guaranteeing improved performance
  • Welding: Obtain impeccable results easily without harming the high mechanical properties of the plates
  • Machining: Perfecting of milling, drilling, chamfering, etc.

Contact us to receive your free sample and carry out your test with one of our supervisors: marketing@ctagroup.eu