Lubrication & CoMos Training – SKF / CTA webinars

What: Three sessions on the following themes:

  • 1st session: Assembly and disassembly of bearings: good practices to save time and reliability / Alignment, source of savings and reliability
    Trainer: Frederic Fages
  • 2nd  session: Good lubrication: how to build a lubrication plan? / Lubrication practices: simple means for a better mastery of lubrication practices / How to select the right lubricants
    Trainer: Frederic Fages
  • 3rd session: Automatic lubrication: what for? For what benefits? Machine monitoring: what if breakdowns were eliminated?
    Trainer: Frederic Fages, Yelli Ouattara, Hassan Missaoui

When: 7/10 – 14/7 and 28/10

Who: Users, buyers, decision makers. Anyone working in the mining & industries sector

Duration: 90 min / session (60min of lessons and 30 minutes of questions and answers

Registration before 28/09/2020 by email at the address:

Please specify: Names, first names, Company, function, sessions in which you participate (1, 2 and / or 3) number of participants. 

The three sessions are different. You can register for three sessions, two or only one according to your needs and availability.