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    – Under the supervision of the Team leader, the mechanic assures the vehicle maintenance and repairs.


    – The mechanic is responsible for : interventions made on the vehicles


    – Verify the presence of protections in the control station of the vehicle. (Install them if needed)
    – Carry the vehicle to the working station.
    – Fully comply with the tasks asked for in the Repair Order. (RO)
    – Make the preliminary measures in the intervention on the vehicle from the information appearing in the Repair Order (RO).
    – Choose the appropriate modus operandi for the repair.
    – Protect the vehicle before beginning the works (covers of wings…).
    – Make the repairs.
    – Store appropriately dismantled spare parts.
    – Handle parts under guarantee according to the rules.
    – Inform the Workshop Team leader of any difficulty met in the process of reparation.
    – Verify the result of the repair.
    – Conduct a final test if necessary.
    – Verify that all the works asked for in the RO are fully conducted.
    – Make a general visual inspection of the vehicle.
    – Upgrade the fluids and the pressure of tires.
    – Spot the additional works to be planned.
    – Tidy up the workstation.

If you are interested in this position and our mission, please send your CV and cover letter to jobs@ctagroup.eu